In 2458, on a continent sized starship with its own atmosphere and an entire civilization churning inside, the poor live in rotting organic cities and the rich live in massive orbital mansions drifting in the clouds. When a hooker plunges from the sixty-sixth floor of an opulent nightclub and a senator is found dead in his room, the police call on Lieutenant Durante Hoskin to solve what swiftly becomes a string of murders of the rich and powerful. Now Hoskin must stop a vicious and brilliant serial killer, who’s executing the elite, erasing their backup memories and exposing their lives to an angry public, before his society explodes in open class war.

Fury of the Sun Gods – A military family is ripped apart by their choices and allegiances as China explodes in civil war.

When Once We Dreamed – When the Sol-Sys economy collapses surgery that eliminates sleep seems to offer the unemployed new hope, but will it mean salvation or a new nightmare?

The Illustrated Scriptures – When a visionary prophet records his whole life on his internal nanonets, his memories becomes the VR bible for a new religion.

In the Cracks of the Machine – The robot revolution is here, but it’s not what we expected.

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An epic saga, spanning three generations of war and redemption. After a Direct Democracy swept away the old Communist regime in a Jasmine Revolution, China becomes the light of the world, everything America was in the 20th century. But seventy years later, when a depression brings the Communists storming back, families are ripped apart as old hatreds and feuds come boiling to surface again. Will China remain a repressive recluse or will she unlock her true potential and become the light of the world and the hope of the human race?

The Buzz

“[The Scorpion Game] presents a cranked-up-to-11 vision of the mean streets of the future…A vigorous, visionary and steamy cybernoir crime story with a convincing far-future setting.”  Kirkus Reviews

A genuine mind bender from its opening page.

– Brian Driver
– Amazon Review

“Takes cyberpunk to a whole new level.”

– Graeme Ing
– Author of Ocean of Dust

“An avalanche of ideas, vivid descriptions, noir mystery all rolled into one heck of a read!”

– Ms. Beastle
– Amazon Review

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