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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

by / Monday, 22 August 2011 / Published in Games, Sci-Fi, Tech

UPDATE Sept 7 2011: Check out my Deus Ex Human Revolution balanced augmentation guide.  I’ve given it a different twist than the rest of the guides on the net, breaking it down by: totally useless augs, just so-so augs, suprisingly useful augs and kick ass augs.  It’s the only guide you’ll ever need.

I’ve been watching this game for some time and had the Augmented Edition pre-ordered as soon as I could.  I fell in love the with the trailer when I first saw it.  The artwork in this just sings and soars.  It looked close to at least a few of the ideas I’ve had in my head.  Check out the trailer here.  Deus Ex Human Revolution CGI Trailer in 1080P.  I’ve saved it offline and watched it at least at dozen times.  The part when she news reporter says “police have opened fire on the crowds” gives me chills every time and reminds me of the horrors of the Arab Spring, as Syria slaughters its own unarmed people.

The comparisons between Blade Runner and Deus Ex are inevitable, but it has its own fresh and original feel.  This is modern Cyberpunk.  To me Cyberpunk from the 80’s only scratched the surface of what’s possible.  The net has truely developed now, it’s not just a concept.  Virtualization concepts can easily expand to include the human mind.  Biotechnology and stem cells are changing medicine.  Networks large and small circle the Earth.  Devices that 80s writers could never conceive of like cell phone and Ipads rule the world and make Apple even bigger than Exxon.  Technology makes the world now.




The first reviews are out and it’s already looking like it lived up to the hype.  Thank God.  It’s good to see game designers taking risks.  While the first Deus Ex game, System Shock, is considered by many PC gamers to be the greatest game ever made, it was not a critical success.  That means people with money to finance games like this get nervous.  Here’s hoping the risk they took was worth it and the game proves to be a block buster.  The game drops August 23 2011.


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