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Arab Spring – Power to the People No Delay

by / Tuesday, 23 August 2011 / Published in News, Politics, World Events

I’ve followed the Arab Spring with a mixture of fear and hope.  I’ve followed it since the faltered Green Revolution in Iran.  I’ve followed it when Wikipedia and the mass media had no name for it and just called it the Arab Uprisings. It mirrors my Future History of the World timeline quite closely.  In the timeline, I imagined a decline of militant Islam and an Islamic Reformation, though I pictured it some years out.  I never worry about the exact timing in my work though.  It’s just fun to look out into the future and try to see the big trends and what they mean.

There’s been much ink spilled on the idea that Islam and democracy can’t co-exists.  The uprising have the potential to prove everyone wrong.  The Arab Spring shows us that people everywhere are the same.  There are always extremists in every religion, people want to impose their will on everyone else.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Islam, Christianity, Judaism.  Extremists always swear they’re doing the work of God, but don’t realize they are doing the work of evil.  Nobody ever thinks they’re on the wrong side.  Evil is always disguised as good.  The Devil never says come join me, he says, you’re fighting for God’s will.

Most people just want to live their lives.  They don’t want to rule others.  If I said you could do anything you want to do in the world, you would probably just hang out and entertain yourself and be with friends and family.  A small group of people wouldn’t though.  They would try to make everyone else do what they wanted them to do.  They’ve always existed and they always will.  It’s just a small group of sociopaths who want to make rules for everyone else.

With the news today of the rebels on the shores of Tripoli, let’s hope Syria is not far behind.  But now the period of uncertainty begins.  Can a strong democratic rule of law flow from the upsurge in popular sentiment or will a different set of extremists pervert the will of the people and impose Muslim caliphates on the world, who want to put women in bondage and cut off arms for petty crimes?  We all wait anxiously to see.

And the Chinese government must be secretly terrified.  To the Jasmine Revolution now!


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