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The Top 50 Hottest Asian Pornstars of All Time

by / Tuesday, 29 November 2011 / Published in Sex, Women

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a fan of the seamy side of life. Much of my fiction takes places in bars, brothels, dives and dens of thieves. Gangsters, hookers, pirates, killers and strippers populate the worlds of my imagination. So, in honor of the low brow I am giving you, my faithful readers, a breakdown of a subject I know and love: Asian Pornstars. If you say you don’t like porn, I say I don’t believe you.

The idea for this post all started with Complex magazine. They’re known for their lists and regularly show up at the top in searches for “top xyz of such and such.” They’ve done a few on “top 50 pornstars” in various categories. Top 50 black stars, top 50 prettiest of all time, etc, etc. Usually I agree with their countdowns, more or less, even if I don’t agree with the order. With a top 50 list nobody can ever agree 100%.

When I saw their Top 50 Hottest Asian Pornstars of All Time list, I was not impressed. It should have been called the Top 50 Asian Pornstars in American Porn, aka The Top 50 American Pornstars of Asian decent (with a few exceptions). They left off all but two of my favorite Japanese AV strumpets and some sizzlers that came out of the U.K. and France. Unacceptable! They also included a bunch of picks because they were simply trying to demonstrate historical knowledge of the subject, like Linda Wong. But the title of the article is called the “Top 50 HOTTEST” not the “Top 50 Asian Pornstars with the Most Historical Impact on the Genre.” Linda Wong is just not that hot despite her pioneering influence on the medium. Not to mention they were way off on some of their picks. Kira Kener simply can not be stuck at number 35. I also can’t get down with Kobe Tai at number 1. That’s  a blatant nostalgia pick. While that little spinner filled some of my best fantasies growing up, her body wouldn’t cut it by today’s standards, especially her rock hard tits with obvious underboob scars. They did do a Top 50 Hottest Japanese Av Idols, but I find that list suspect as well, if only because some of their picks seem totally random, and chosen simply to fill the list.

I had to take matters into my own hand. Few people in the world have done the essential scholarly research necessary to write this article. Few have studied the subject so closely. Fornication students everywhere demand a list by a true scholar of the medium. Reluctantly, I had to step up. I will not let you down!

Now any time you are talking AV Idols one critical debate will crop up: big tits or small. There is a huge following of small to medium tits in Japan with averagely endowed girls regularly rocketing to the peak of Japanese top 10 lists. I respect that distinction. The French have an old saying that any breast that won’t fit in a champagne glass is too big. But I grew up in America and that means I like me some Oppai, or big tits, so I am going to state that bias right out of the gate, which means you won’t find Aika Miura at the top of my list. Feel free to disagree with me or send me an atta-boy! Any fellow yellow-fever aficionados out there can make their case for ladies that should have been included, but were not for some reason that you can’t fathom. Just put it in the comment section. If it’s a strong enough case I might even revise the list, but know that I require intellectual debate to even consider it. “You gotta include this chick” won’t cut it.

From a philosophical standpoint, I focus on sheer sex appeal first and lean towards any woman who delivers transcendent sexual performances on a regular basis. That said, there are a few “pretty-girl-fuckers” on the list, meaning they just lay there looking bored most of the time and let their looks do the talking. A few of those pretty girls had to make the list, just because they were too hot to leave off, but in general I favor women with incandescent libidos and a primal carnal instinct if a tie breaker is necessary.

Lastly, a critical note: I don’t usually include nudity on this blog, so if you are under age get the fuck out of here. Originally, I hunted down pictures of the girls with their clothes on, but it got to be pretty hard to find clothed pictures of some of these ladies of the night since they work in their birthday suit most of the time. After a while I figured it was pretty hypocritical to do a post on pornstars and not have any nudity, so deal with it. My writing is for adults, has always been for adults and will always be for adults. That said, this ain’t no porn blog, so I drew the line at hardcore images. You want hardcore, search the web. I hear it’s loaded with it. Family Guy’s Quagmire just heard about internet porn as well so don’t feel too bad.

UPDATE 2013: Since I wrote this ever-popular post, the world of all-star Asian erotic has expanded at a breathtaking pace. Some stunning new talent has hit the scene like a neutron bomb. These new ladies come to deliver the sex under hot lights we all crave. There are also a few ladies that I missed in the past and that’s unacceptable. Since nobody really deserves to get knocked off the list, I’ve decided to expand the bonus section. That seems to work out well for everyone, don’t you think? I’m not bound to 50 ladies of the night. Rules were made to be broken. So, how about a 10 bitch bonus list that will get you moving again and turn you on to some new tail that you might never have seen before? What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

UPDATE 2014: I’ve decided that there were too many fantastic women in the bonus area.  Some of them absolutely deserve to make the top fifty and bump some of the other ladies off the list.  As such I’ve reordered this post a bit to reflect current tastes.

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KyokoMaki-kyoko-maki-5BONUS: Number 62 Kyoko Maki

This fantastic new-comer burned her way onto the chart in 2014.  Have not seen much of her work, but her look lights up the night.  Her lips and casual attitude makes for a wicked time especially when she’s taking on multiple guys at the same time.








AsamiSeri-ebod392plBONUS: Number 61: Asami Seri

This little sweetie is just getting her start in the business of fucking on film.  There are barely any movies or photos out there of her, but I am sure that will change once people get a look at that super cute face and those incredibly wonderful and perfectly round boobs with nipples the size of some lesser women’s tits.  I am happy to report, my humble reader, that they are in fact not fake despite their perfect roundness.  They’re real.  If you can procure any of her current entertainment observe their movement for yourself as they ripple and flow in a way only boobs designed by the man upstairs can make.  They’re a fantastic sight to behold, especially with a little baby oil to make them all shiny.  I look forward to a lot more from this little tsunami.





ReikoKobayakawaBONUS Number 60: Reiko Kobayakawa

Ok, so I got a new one for you, the incredible stripper bodied Reiko Kobayakawa. Yeah, her tits are rock hard fakies but if ever there was a girl that makes that work, it’s Reiko. There’s something hot about a girl who is willing to blow them up so big that you can see them from space. Her body is super tight and delicately muscled. This girl works out. She’s a tall woman who often dwarfs the little Japanese dudes fucking her. She’s blessed with big, expressive eyes, thick lips and nipples the size of small planets. She’s a get-down-to-action kind of girl. It was nearly impossible to find any still pictures of her. Almost everything out there is a screenshot. That means she’s a woman who doesn’t have time to sit around getting dolled up and standing under hot lights. She’s ready to fuck. Pick almost any one of her movies and she is getting down and throwing herself into it with abandon. About my only gripe with this little mustang is that she fucks Japanese style, meaning looking surprised when the action gets rolling and looking like the guy’s dick is so big it hurts. Frankly, this turns on Japanese guys, but I’m not a huge fan of it. It’s always better when the woman looks like she’s enjoying it.



AimiYoshikawa-aimiyoshikawa01BONUS Number 59: Aimi Yoshikawa

This girl is fresh to the scene and juicy as a hell. She’s packed and stacked. While I haven’t seen any killer performances from her yet, she never mails it in, so I’m giving her time to warm up to getting really nasty. She makes the list on sheer looks alone. No girl this good looking should be taking the dick for money.








BONUS Number 58: Evelyn Lin

Twitter: @xEvelynLinx

So after much consideration and fan commentary on this, my most popular post by far, I decided to expand the list to include the lovely Evelyn Lin. Evelyn’s popularity stems from her innocent, “Chinese girl next door” looks. In many ways she doesn’t look like a pornstar, she looks like your neighbor that you just might have a chance with if you figured out she was a sexual tornado underneath that innocent smile. As she puts it on her twitter profile, “I’m the type of girl that you take home to your parents and then fuck on the dining room table when they leave.” That kind of wanton sexuality is hard not to love. She also stays popular because she is young enough to take to social media without holding back, giving fans a kind of intimacy they crave with their celestial sex stars. This is a girl who delivers when she takes the dick. In every scene you get the feeling that this girl is too good and cute to be taking it like a fucking whore in some back alley, but take it she does and with ferocious abandon. She once said in an interview that she knew she was different when she wanted to fuck more often then her old boyfriends.


BONUS Number 57: Asia

Twitter: @darealasia

We move to another bonus pornstar, because I just couldn’t fit her in, but I couldn’t leave her off either. Asia may be the nastiest whore on this entire list and that’s saying something. She epitomizes trashy hot like no other. In fact, I simply can’t find a picture of her with her clothes on anywhere on the Internet. It’s even more impossible to find a bunch of pictures of her not fucking and just posing. I’ve rarely seen her taking a simple one on one screw, it’s always multiple partners, high energy, DPs and sneering. She can’t be considered beautiful by modeling standards, but she’s blazing hot from a cheap street-walking standard and that’s all that matters in porn.




BONUS Number 56: Anna Ohura

Anna is another girl that I couldn’t sneak onto the list. The case could be made that she deserves to make it and make it high up on the ladder. She is one of the pioneers of the genre, one of the first truly hot women in JAV. The reason she comes up just shy of the top 50 is for her utterly boring performances. She seemed to lay there or squeak quietly and that’s not attractive. So despite her mega, all natural knockers, she drops to number 56.









BONUS Number 55: Jandi Lin

Jandi is a heavily tattooed little princess. This site already sports a picture of Miss Lin, showing off her fantastic back tattoo in my post in hot tattooed Asian girls. What Jandi misses in the way of boobs (she’s holding strong with a 32A cup) she more than makes up for with determination and raw sexual energy. There are some heavily tatted up porn mistresses on the scene, but it’s still fairly rare to see an Asian girl in porn sporting a full sleeve or scroll work that covers her entire back for some reason I can’t comprehend. It’s more common to see Asian strumpets sporting small tattooed on their lower back or shoulder or leg, but not many seem to go the full mile. The other work on her back is what gets this delicious little angel air time though.






BONUS Number 54: Kya Tropic

Twitter: @kyatropic
Websites: ; Penthouse

Now we come to ultra-cute homegrown hottie, Kya Tropic, a former coffee shop girl who danced into the heads of a thousand latte drinking hopefuls, no doubt. While her body is not ideal, she certainly invokes memories of the hot little college freshman you managed to take home drunk from the local dive bar one night, even if she is sporting a little of the freshman 15. According to her website, she’s rocking a pair of all natural 36Ds and she was born in Riverside, California in 1988. She started in on a life of porn in 2009, when she was 21 years old, which makes her a youthful 23, giving her plenty of years of carnal delight still to cum.





BONUS Number 53: Lyla Lei

Here’s another pornstar that didn’t make the Complex list. She’s got a beautiful face, a talent for taking on multiple dicks like a master sword fighter taking on a crowd of Errol Flynn’s, not to mention a killer ass and legs. Like Jandi Lin she never got anything bigger than her natural A cup. She was nominated for 2005 AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene for one of the funniest movie titles in an industry know for great titles: Shitty Shitty Bang Bang. (My all time favorite porn title is and will always be Thanks for the Mammeries, which has graced the cover a number of unrelated movies.) She made a name for herself as a fiery little performer whose petite body could handle some of the biggest loads in the biz. She starred in a number of interracial flicks. Sadly for us she quit staring is fuck films in 2007 saying “the person known as Lyla Lei is gone.” Hopefully she’s not speaking in third person like that all the time now.


BONUS Number 52: London Keyes

Twitter: @LondonKeyes
Website:; Throated

London comes calling from the underworld. Come out of your cupboards you boys and girls. London is known for the flower tattoos streaking down her side and an unstoppable sexuality, as well as an all-natural rack and a sneer. This is a girl who knows how to sex it up big time. For you piercing fetishists out there, she’s sporting a pierced lip, nose and nipples. She’s also got tramp stamp and fatty nips that cry out for a licking.






BONUS Number 51: Nautica Thorn

Twitter: @nauticathorn
Website: ;

According to her Wikipedia page, Nautica once said, “when I was a kid I always wanted to be a stripper.” Now that’s my girl. While her body is not quite at the level of perfection of some of the other performers on here she makes up for it with a sheer cock hunger and a wanton lasciviousness. Besides, while other little girls were dreaming of Prince Charming and a career in fashion, Nautica was dreaming of working the pole while guys made it rain. Who can fault her for that? Just remember that stripping keeps a lot of young single mothers employed, so don’t forget to tip.





Number 50: Mika Tan

Twitter: @mika_tan

Mika makes the list for her unstoppable onscreen personality. I’ve always thought she was so-so looking under the harsh lights of the film set, but she more than makes up for it with amazing, all out performances. She’s actually much better looking in person and her personality is fun and fast. She’s also a must-have because out of all the ladies on this list, she’s the only one I’ve slept with. And yes, you heard that right.


Number 49: Miko Lee

Twitter: @miko_lee
Website: Miko’s Official Blog

Retired Miko Lee delivered some all out nasty performances, including one of the best gang bangs ever filmed, Gang Bang Angel 9, when she took on a whole cheering frat house single-handedly. Miko was born in San Diego, to Vietnamese and Chinese parents. She spent most of her childhood in sunny southern cali, no doubt taking down the football team behind the bleachers and giving rim jobs for hall passes. She disappeared from the scene in 2004 but she recently made a come back for the super high end porn company Brazzers and she still looks utterly smoking, with her trademark bleached blonde hair, all out raunchiness and tight little body.






http://www.b-idol.comBONUS: Number 48: Yuuri Himeno

This new chick delivers on the fake tits front. She’s an Anime cartoon character. Yeah they’re rock hard and barely move when she’s getting it on, but my God they look fucking crazy huge on her tiny little frame and I can’t help but love every second of it. She’s got a small body of work at this point, but they all deliver hard-driving performances with no holding back. If she keeps at it, she will climb these charts.









Number 47: Nyomi Marcela

Websites: Hustler

Nyomi Marcela (born July 9, 1981 in Encinitas, California) is an American pornographic actress of Indonesian descent. Frankly if we did a survey I’m betting we find that like 90% of all pornstars are born in Cali. She is the sister of Jade Marcela, who is also a pornstar and who also happens to be pretty banging, but who didn’t make the cut. Both of her parents are Indonesian. Her mother is Balinese and her father Javanese. In an interview she did, she claims she sucked in her early scenes and couldn’t get into the sex, but that later on she really came alive in front of the camera and got into it. If she was faking most of the time, she’s a great faker. Then again most guys can’t tell the difference as long as she’s moaning.





Number 46: Mimi Miyagi

Twitter: @miminet

No not Mr. Miyagi, Daniel Son, Mimi Miyagi, the first but certainly not the last Filipina hottie to make the list. Mimi was one of the original Asian girls of porn, cumming hot on the heels of porn superstars like Kobe Tai and pioneers like Linda Wong. Her real name is Melody Damayo and she grew up the daughter of conservative Seventh Day Adventists in southern Cali. Unlike most pornstars, who keep a low profile when it comes to their personal life, Mimi Miyagi’s Wikipedia page is packed with info. Her family sent her back to Mindinao, a small island off in the Philippines, hoping she would absorb Filipino values, but she came back and it wasn’t long before she was kicking it with American rock star values. She had her own production company and even ran for governor of Reno in 2006. Now how many pornstars can say that? My favorite Miyagi moment was when she just finished fucking a dude on film and then got up and went to the other room to rock another dude saying, “I want more.” Hot.



Number 45: Loni

Another Filipina fuck slut makes the cut. She’s rocking all natural breasts and a sneering sex appeal that says we ain’t making love here, give it to me. Over the years she’s been in some knock down drag out scenes that really put her hot little body to work.






Number 44: Rui Aikikawa

A commenter on Complex’s Top 50 Av Idols post mentioned the egregious mistake of leaving Rui Akikawa off such a list and I have to agree, so she’s making mine. While she borders on BBW at times, she’s sufficiently banging to make it here and that means she can make it anywhere. In almost every video she’s getting soaped down or oiled up. Oil and boobs are a recipe that’s hard to beat but not hard to beat off to.








Number 43: Kianna Dior

Websites: ;

Next up on our list we are serving up some good old fashion surgical enhancements for you. Like most American pornstars the kinetic Kianna Dior choose to not be satisfied with what God gave her and headed to surgeon to get it fixed. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and she’s half-Korean and half-Canadian. Like many other sex sirens she started by working the pole in her local strip club before taking to the silver screen. She shot her first movie in 1999 and is still cranking them out today.







Number 42: Saori Hara

Saori has one of the most beautiful faces in all of porn and she graces the number one slot on the Complex list of top AV starlets. According to her Wikipedia article Saori and Maria Ozawa are the two most downloaded AV actresses in China, which is no surprise since she seems to have classically pretty Chinese features. This quarter German stunner has some of the most astonishing almond eyes and a ravishing on screen personality. On December 11, 2009, Shueisha published Hara’s autobiography titled My Real Name Is Mai Kato: Why I Became an AV Actress. The 144 page book details Hara’s upbringing and family life, her views on sex and her career as a teen idol and eventual AV idol. Her book is one of a number of autobiographical publications by actresses about the AV industry going back to Ai Iijima’s blockbuster Platonic Sex. The bio endeared her to her fans, giving them the illusion that they were more intimate with her. They say women need a story in porn to get into it. Sometimes guys do too apparently. She reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown following the Tsunami in Japan and disappeared from porn like a ghost, leaving a small body of work for her fans to fire off to.




Number 41: Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee is one smoking hot little firecracker. With her delicious tiny titties and her insatiable wantonness on screen, she delivers a sultry nastiness and smoldering looks that really incite her co-workers to go all out on her little body. When she started off in the industry in 2003, she went by a number of aliases but finally settled on Lucy Lee because of her resemblance to actress Lucy Liu. Despite having “China” tatted on her back, she’s Korean and never shrinks from a ball busting load on her face. Now that’s a working girl I can get behind ( and drill ).







Number 40: Mia Lelani

Twitter: @mialelanixxx
Website: ;

Busty 5’4″ Asian knockout Mia Lelani was born Danielle Uiloni Fernandez in 1982. She’s a wickedly awesome mix of Irish, Filipino, and Lebanese. This sexy on-screen cal girl worked as a grocery clerk for six years before taking off her apron and showing her tits, as they like to say at Mardi Gras. Mia loves snowboarding and Mexican food. Supposedly she’s gearing up to get a degree in chemistry, but she already understands onscreen chemistry so she might be eligible for AP classes already.







Number 39: Asia Carrera


Asia was one of the early masters of the genre. She never put on a fake performance and she continues to be open about her life, with a long running blog. How many pornstars can say they are fuck sluts and members of MENSA? Asia can. It’s well known that Asia took her name from the divine Tia Carrere of Bond girl fame. A self professed nerd and horndog, how can you go wrong with a girl who can code HTML and knows how to tickle your balls while she strokes it?







Number 38: Kina Kai

Twitter: @kinakai

Another Filipina breaks into the list. My favorite moment with Kina came when an interviewer asked her if her parents knew what she did and she said yeah. The guy asked how they found out and she said her dad and mom had rented a porno and saw her on it. Surprise mom and dad! Sexy exotic Kina Kai was born in the Philippines in 1983. She made her first foray into porn when she was only 20 years old. She’s a tiny spinner, ranking in at 5’1 and just 90lbs. She’s still got an active blog with some fantastic photos of her super brown skin and delicious body strutting for your delight.






Number 37: Gianna Lynn

Gianna Lynn is the original girl with the dragon tattoo! She started off doing only lesbian scenes, putting the stunning little lady at risk of not making the list. Luckily, she had a change of heart and switched to boy/girl later in her career. Lynn was born in the Philippines of mixed Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese ancestry and moved to California at the age of four. She’s mesmerizing to look at and keeps in fantastic shape from a strict workout regiment. She could teach a few of the slackers on this list a lesson in looking your best. Together, her and the divine Tia Ling have the hottest, most toned stomachs in porn.







Number 36: Satomi Suzuki

I know next to nothing about this AV newcummer with a tiny frame and a rack that haunts my dreams. She’s one of the few Idols who you can find uncensored content for, which rocks the river. She comes with a youthful enthusiasm and dark undercurrent of raunchiness that can’t be denied.









Number 35: Kirara Kurokawa

Here’s another mysterious JAV idol who I know nothing about except that she looks amazing and has put out enough porno to have a 50 scene high def “best of” collection on DVD and BLURay. Check out Kirara Kurokawa’s eight hour cumpilation on my favorite Japanese export site (Jlist) here. This girl is definitely not as well known as some of the other girls on the list, at least outside of Japan, but one look and you know she should be infamous everywhere.








Number 34: Sharon Lee

Website: Clubthaichix

Here’s a French sex queen who seems to miss the cut on every list I ever found, which makes me wonder. This woman is gifted with an all-natural body and she only speaks French, which makes her an exotic treat for multiple senses. Oh mon dieu! She’s a cult classic that only true scholars of the medium know anything about. When you’ve burned out on the big name stars and you’ve Googled up every hot little Japanese number, trying looking up this unabashed little European hottie and spray a few North in salute.



Number 33: Yuma Asami

Asami is one of the most popular actresses in Japan since her debut and regularly places at the very top in DVD sales and rentals. Like some of her kindred hotties she started off with the softcore stuff before working her way into the real deal. Yuma has a look that sneaks up on you. When you first see her you think, ah she’s not that hot. But look closer and you realize you are looking at the equivalent of the Japanese girl next door. She’s the type of girl you could easily live next to in some crowded apartment complex, who wears sweaters every day and then bang you find out she’s been hiding some magnificent sweater puppies all this time.






Number 32: Momoka Nishina

Momoka is a relatively new AV Idol who seems to be cranking out new movies every fifteen minutes. While her tits are often enhanced on box covers she is sufficiently stacked and packed to keep getting pumped on camera. This is another girl who is too new for anything serious to have leaked out about her life outside of the hot lights.








Number 31: Ruri Saijo

Ruri Saijo is a native of Tokyo Japan, was born in 1990. She apparently likes movies and nail art? Wow, now there is a girl of depth who you can talk about philosophy with, or work out some problems of quantum mechanics after dropping her off at beauty school. Ruri Saijou has an amazing figure measuring 44-22-33 and a fucking M cup, in metric bra sizes, which is fucking big in American sizes too. This sexy Japanese doll made several no sex vids before making the exciting leap to hardcore where she can dig those artistically painted nails into many a guy’s back while he tags her.



Number 30: Moka

Moka is the queen of the tanned Asian girls, a genre of movies they call “black gal” movies. Usually Japanese girls are white as a sheet but a fetish for super tan girls caught on in the late 90s, sparking a wave of AV vids to handle the obsession. Moka is a pinnacle of the spray on tan strumpets with a nasty, all or nothing attitude and a pair of double G cups that rock the fucking house. She apparently takes her name from a super hot anime vampire. She’s appeared under the pseudonym Erika, as both a super tanned fuck queen and an icy white princess. Personally I go in for the fakie tan Harajuku girl effect. Moka is Cosplay fantasy come true.







NanaOgura-dfadsfadfadsfadffasdfadfnana-ogura-9Number 29: Nana Ogura

Site: JJ Girls

The fact that she was left off the list originally was a huge mistake. I admit it. Her performances are motherfucking incendiary. There is no other way to describe it. She looks like she’s going to be sweet and innocent in her scenes and she kills it with our and out nasty. I’ve almost never seen her give a performance that wasn’t 1800%. This girl is one of the new queens of the AV Industry and she seems to have taken over the mantel from Sora Aoi as world’s cutest Asian pornstar.



Number 28: Jessica Bangkok

Twitter: @jessica_bangkok
Website: clubjessicabangkok

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica is a whore true to her name. She bangs on the cock with a wild abandon and moans like a little Lolitta when she’s on her back. According to her web page she was born in 1980, which is quickly moving her into the hungry MILF phase of her career. She stands a mere 5’0 and weighs just 112lbs, which means she’s a living sit and spin game.


Number 27: Sayuki Kanno

Sayuki Kanno makes the list for her tight body, rocket tits and her rocking doggystyle scenes. In a movie called Super Best Back Fucker, only the divine Julia could rival her while taking it standing up in a naughty school girl scene.









Number 26: Hana Haruna

Here’s another former bikini star that made the jump to taking dick on film. This girl epitomizes “pretty girl sex” in that she just lays around and looks good without a whole heck of a lot of enthusiasm, but who fucking cares?  Take a look at her and you’ll see why even with lackluster sex romps she deserves to make it as high as 21.









Number 25: Kobe Tai

I’m putting little miss Kobe in her proper place on the list. It certainly easy to make the case that she go higher up, even to number one if we are talking about fame and intensity, but against modern competition, she just doesn’t cut it. This sexy little spinner deserves a place on a list, but not at number one.





ReinaLee-bustyfilipinaNumber 24: Reina Lee

Site: Boobpedia, Bangbros

Reina is a cute Filipino sweetie, bordering on pleasantly plump, but her sweet personality comes across on film and that adds to her girl next door appeal. Don’t be fooled though, the girl is not afraid to throw down and use what God gave her to get the fucking cash.









sophia_takigawa_-_tanned_hdNumber 23: Sophia Takigawa

This woman absolutely fucking rips up the stage whenever she performs. She goes all out. She puts everything into it and it’s incandescent to watch. There is no question she will have to be woven into the upper tiers of this list if she stays at the game a little longer.  This girl knows how to deliver what you want.









Number 22: Tia Tanaka

Tia has one of the cutest Asian faces you will ever see on film. This little Lolita is so fresh faced and innocent looking that you’ll be shocked when she opens her mouth and starts with the dirty talk. She has almost never been in a scene that’s slow and steady. Every single scene she’s getting tossed around like a rag doll taken from every conceivable angle and some not-conceivable. A huge part of her sex appeal is her youthful looks and perky little tits. This is a classic hot little Asian fuck-doll who could easily go higher on the list.







Number 21: Ryann Reynolds

Websites: realitykings

Ryann was only active for a few years and she spent most of that time fucking her boyfriend on screen. She has an electric smile a bubbly personality, an all-natural physique and the most perfectly tanned skin you’ve ever seen, owning to her partial Italian heritage. She’s disappeared off the radar since, but there is plenty of her out there to keep your wank stick rolling for days.







Number 20: Rio Hamasaki

Rio is one of the hottest active stars in Av right now. Her all natural body and numerous performances with all out fury put her at the top of most AV lists native to JP. As of August 2008, she had already appeared in over 100 DVDs and she’s still at it. This is a girl who knows how to earn her paycheck.









Number 19: Haruka Sanada

This little slut is not well known outside of JP, unlike some of the other Japanese stars on the list, but she should be. This girl has the tightest little stomach in Jap AV and she really knows how to get down. In almost every scene she wears her giant cross and that takes me back to every deviant fantasy I ever had in Catholic school. There’s something about the Catholics and sexual repression that really inspires pornstars!








SakiOkuda-BAz97DiCEAIk0bu.jpg largeNumber 18: Saki Okuda

Site: Boobpedia

You probably never heard of Saki Okuda and that is a shame, because she is one nasty little spinner. This girl delivers gang bang after gang bang with little rest. I don’t know where she gets the energy. This is a woman who inspires incredible lust in anyone who sees her in action. Still pictures don’t do her justice. She is not the prettiest one on the scene but she delivers an all-out performance like nobody other than the incredible Nana Ogura.  She’s become my personal favorite when I really want to see an incandescent, no-holds barred performance.







Number 17: Kira Kener

Website: vivid

Like I said, Kira deserved to by higher up on the list than Complex put her so I am rectifying the injustice here. While she did have a no wrap no slap clause in her Vivid contract, aka she only fucked with a condom, and her performances could be lackluster, she was stunning to look at and delivered a quiet intensity that built as the scene progressed. There was something incredibly submissive about her and she really focused on her fuck partner, which made her all the more delectable. There was a story that she was once a Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader and there’s a photo out there of her in her cheer outfit that you might still be able to dig up if you search hard enough.





Number 16: Tia Ling

Website: ; slanteyefortheblackguy

This former nurse turned screen whore comes across as utterly dirty and insatiable. Nurse/Pornstar, that’s two fantasies in one. Can’t beat that but you can beat off to it. And if you’re lucky you just might make her next fan shoot. She’s done at least one shoot where regular ugly old motherfuckers like you get to put it to her. Now that’s an Asian pornstar for the people!







Number 15: Priva

Priva is straight up nasty in the sack. This is a girl who turns it on to the max every time she hits it. She snears. She bites. She growls. She licks balls. She fucks like a little tsunami and she’s not afraid to take on multiple partners at the same time and egg them on to bang her harder. She is a joy to watch work.









Number 14: Rose

Rose is another single named performer. Her name makes it hard to track her down on the interwebs, but when you find her you’re in for a treat. I saw this sexy little minx for the first time in the most incredible gang bang for Jules Jordan, Weapons of Ass Destruction 3. Sadly, the rest of her work didn’t live up to that stunning performance, but she did manage to give over to the demon and catch fire in a few videos that I’ve found over the years. This girl isn’t well known enough to make most lists and it’s a damn shame because we need to see more of her.







Number 13: Kascha

Kascha was the quintessential 80’s Asian pornstar, appearing in flicks with her pornstar husband most of the time. She was famous for her shock blonde hair that bordered on white. Some of her movies pitched her as half Swedish, but she was all Chinese. The first porn mag I ever found featured a fantastic lay out of Kascha soaping herself down and it molded my fantasies to this very day. She never delivered a truly transcendent performance, but she’s such a feast for the eyes that she still comes in just shy of the top 10.








Number 12: Maria Ozawa

Twitter: @ozawahokkaido

Maria adorned the top of Complex’s Top 50 Prettiest Pornstars of all time and I’ve got to agree. While there are plenty of girls on this list that stand out for raunchiness and a hard bitten porno look, Maria has a positively anti-porn look. She’s what you call too pretty for porn and that’s an understatement. While there are certainly girls on this list who have better porno bodies, i.e. big tits and a French Vanilla ass, Maria has model looks and for that it makes it even more sinful to see her taking a dick on screen.







Number 11: Jessica Asakura

Jessica should probably be higher on the list. I thought about putting her at number three, but she hasn’t done a lot of AV to justify the ranking, even though everything she’s ever done sets fire to the screen. She’s the type of girl who can take a pop from two guys and keep right on pumping. She stands out from the rest of the AV herd because unlike most AV Idols she doesn’t cry and shake her head like she doesn’t want it. It’s one of the worst traits of Japanese pornstars, but I guess Japanese guys dig it when the girl is crying. What’s the song? The lapdance is always better when the stripper is crying. Alas, crying is not for me. I like girls that look like they’re enjoying it, not like they’re resisting arrest! Jessica moans like an American minx and for that she goes way high on the list. Oh and she squirts! As for pictures of her, like bonus pornstar Asia, it’s almost impossible to find a single picture of her on the net where she is not having sex.





Number 10: Lucy Thai


Lucy has a naturally pumping little body and rarely performs with only one partner. She’s known for taking on huge numbers of dudes simultaneously, while they break out the oil and spray her down. She’s never afraid to take down some DP action and she always brings it every time the camera rolls. This girl could incite riots.








Number 9: Tera Patrick

Twitter: @tera1patrick

What’s there to say about this former Penthouse Pet turned fuck star? She could easily be slotted into the number two spot and that’s right where Complex put her. I’d dropping her a bit for her uneven performances and the fact that she was crazy late to Comic Con once, so I didn’t get to meet her.







Number 8: Charmane Star

Twitter: @charmanestar

Charmane is a fantastic little Filipina fuck machine with a terrific attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile on film. She’s immediately recognizable by the circle tattoo on her shoulder and stunningly beautiful face. She started off with softcore and worked her way into hardcore, leveling up the raunch with each successive performance. She posts on Twitter regularly and still seems to go after it on film and in life, so she’d got my vote for whatever.







Number 7: Lily Thai

Twitter: @thereallilythai

Ms. Thai delivers a ridiculously powerful performance every time she takes to the screen. She’s retired now, but her Twitter page says she’s gearing up for a comeback with a new look that’s a big FU to industry standards, namely blonde hair and tats. I’d love to see it, but unfortunately it’s already been done. Kascha already nailed the blonde hair and Asian thing and tatted up girls are practically the standard in porn these days. Maybe if she does the Harajuku Girl or Gothic Lolita or something like that. Either way, in my book, she’s welcome back any time she wants to take a dick on screen for money.






Number 6: Asa Akira

Twitter: @asaakira
Websites: ;

Asa is one of the all out superstars of the modern porn era, who delivers some transcendent performances so I have no problem putting her in at number 5, below the amazing Allanah Li. Asa is a part of the new gen of pop stars that embrace the raunchiness and raw sexuality of the medium. She knows how to light up a screen. Like most modern sex icons, she’s media savvy with regular posts to the social media of the moment, Twitter and Facebook, so you can follow her and pretend you are friends.






Number 5: Allanah Li


Allanah is the highest ranking American star on the list. She was a former escort turned pornstar, who was only on screen for a few months before disappearing back into the wind. It’s a fucking shame, because she has one of the most promising bodies in all of porn, with nearly perfect surgically enhanced fun bags, a hot gym toned body and a cute little voice. Unfortunately her body of work is too small, unless you found her on the Erotic Review and paid her for some off screen time. She’s still up on LA Direct Models, where I first found her, but I haven’t seen anything new of hers in months. Out, out brief candle.






Number 4: Katsuni

Twitter: @katsuni

Katsuni is a French/Vietnamese fuck doll with the absolutely most beautiful face in the business. You can check her out at her website if you’re hungry for more of those bedroom eyes. After studying political sciences for a year at Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, she started sexing it up on screen in 2002 at about the tender age of 23, and has since appeared in over 200 films. Some idiot bitch sued her for using the name Katsumi (with an M) and she was barred by a deaf, dumb and blind judge in France from using the name in 2007, forcing her to switch from Katsumi to Katsuni. Seriously? Got to love French justice.





Number 3: Julia

Prince, Madonna, what do they have in common with porn? Why single name stardom, that’s what. Few stars can go by a single name but Julia is one of them. Blessed with an absolutely absurd natural body and a set of cans that could make milk for half the world, Julia is a single name pornstar like no other. A prolific performer, Julia has already made more than a hundred films in only a few short years fucking on film. Keep it up girl. She’s managed to keep most of her private life private and nobody has ever come up with a second name for her, probably because she used her real name at first and didn’t want to change it.







Number 2: Hitomi Tanaka

Twitter: @hitomi_j0718

Hitomi is a force of nature. She’s a a former Gravure, or “softcore” idol, who crossed over into hardcore, thank God, and she’s stayed there, which is rare for Gravure idols making the leap. Most trickle into the biz and slip right back out. She may have the most freakishly incredible body I’ve ever seen. She’s rocking the equivalent of a 42 Fucking H cup in American sizes and she has a tiny little frame with a thin waist to boot. And her insanely massive tits are natural, not fucking silicone! She’s practically a living anime character. Her boobs have their own gravity. Her face isn’t as stunning as some of the other ladies on this list, but with such an amazingly divine body who gives a fuck. Seriously. With a small waist, tits the size of asteroids and a willingness to keep cranking out the videos in HD, she’s an easy number two on the list.





Number 1: Sola Aoi

Twitter: @Aoi_sola

There was really no competition for the number one spot here. Sola is the prototypical Asian dream girl, with a hyper cute, innocent face, a rail thin body and perhaps the most perfect tits since Helen of Troy. I’ve already done a story on how she caused a number of Chinese dudes to jump the Great Firewall of China and risk disappearing into a Chinese prison just so they could follow her on Twitter. Any girl that makes 20 or 30 thousand guys risk jail has got to hit number one on anybody’s list. She’s managed to cross over into mainstream flicks and rarely does porn these days, but she left behind an incredible body of work that will leave her fans firing seed into the night sky forever. Sola Aoi’s name means Blue Sky and her energetic performances have been helping guys relieve stress for almost a decade.


11 Responses to “The Top 50 Hottest Asian Pornstars of All Time”

  1. ... says :

    U forgot Evelyn Lin…. My opinion

  2. izy says :

    You forgot Dragon Lily, that actress is super hot and talented

  3. hornet says :

    Hi, I’m interested in your post on Jessica Asakura, she is one if my favorite too. I will put it as no 1 if she is still in this business, but unfortunately no. Do you have any more detail about her career? Did she just resign because she didn’t want to do this job anymore or what?

    Thanks man.

    • Dan Jeffries says :

      I’m afraid I don’t know much more about her, than I already said. She is fantastic but like many adult actresses, she only spent a short time in the business. The business is often not a long term choice for many of these women, as you can imagine, so it’s not a much of a surprise.

  4. hornet says :

    Well…so unfortunate. She is perfect, face and body, if her tits are not fake, then it will be ultimately perfect. Btw thans for the info Dan.

  5. Dan Jeffries says :

    Due to fan requests, I have added the lovely Evelyn Lin to the list. She is an amazingly cute and talented performer and I just had to make the move. All hail the “Chinese girl next door!”

  6. Dan Jeffries says :

    Dragon Lily will probably have to make the list in my next edit, though I am not usually a fan of S&M. Judging by the success of 50 Shades of Gray, I must be in the minority though.

  7. DANK says :

    Leilani leeanne!
    Probably the hottest black pinay mix ever…

  8. Logan says :

    Where’s Jade Hsu ????? Teanna Kai is Number 1 but she didn’t even make the list ???!!!!!

  9. annie cruz says :

    what happen to annie cruz she is number one she is a fine asian the best