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Interview with Author Graeme Ing

Tuesday, 02, September , 2014 by

I had a chance to sit down and talk with author, Graeme Ing, who just released his latest novel Necromancer. We spoke at length about writing, art and the state of publishing today. Check out his responses to my questions below. Q: You’ve got a new book out now. Tell us what it’s all about,


How I Predicted the Breaking Bad Ending

Tuesday, 01, October , 2013 by

Sometimes being a writer can ruin stories for you because you can see endings coming a mile away. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget this is not the case for my friends and I totally killed the Breaking Bad ending for a few folks by predicting every beat. Some people think it’s a magical power or that


The Secrets of Storm of Swords

Sunday, 15, September , 2013 by

Storm of Swords is widely considered George R.R. Martin’s greatest work in the Song of Ice and Fire saga. After just finishing this massive door stopper fantasy I can easily see why. It’s packed with outstanding action, a sweeping scope, stunningly realized surprises and characters that haunted my dreams after staying up late for yet


If you get your sci-fi book fix from then you probably know author Hugh Howey.  It’s hard to miss someone whose books routinely camp out on the top 100 bestselling sci-fi/fantasy books on Amazon.  At one point Howey’s books even took up six of the top ten slots on the list, alongside classics like


Many spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. When I first saw the Game of Thrones’ Season One finale I was shocked. They’d just killed off a major character. To me it seemed like they just killed off THE major character. They killed off someone who was on the posters, someone at the center of all of


Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything is probably the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read. In fact, it’s probably the best one ever written. The sheer amount of information in it is utterly staggering. It is so well researched that when I hit 69% on my Kindle, I’d reached the last page. Where


Ready Player One Review

Friday, 28, December , 2012 by

It seems the older I get the harder it is to get through a whole book, even ones that I like, so when one comes along that makes me stay up all night, I take notice.  Ready Player One is why I still read books, hoping that just one of them will have me ignoring


There’s nothing like sex and violence if you want the hit the top of the best seller charts, so it’s no surprise that the violent No Easy Day rocketed to number 1 on Amazon, thrusting aside the sex and bondage extravaganza 50 Shades of Grey. Since I’m smack in the middle of writing an action


A few of the people I follow on Twitter tweeted this fantastic article from the Smithsonian called The Top 10 Books Lost to Time.  It details the most famous books you’ll never read, because they were destroyed or lost. I only knew about one of these stories.   Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley, lost  a suitcase full


The 90 Day Novel

Thursday, 08, September , 2011 by

When I made my list of favorite writing books, I left an important one off the list.  It’s called The 90 Day Novel, by Alan Watt.   This is not to be confused with 90 Days to Your Novel, by Sarah Domet, an altogether different work that I haven’t had the chance to read. Watt’s book


The War of Art

Monday, 05, September , 2011 by

A friend of mine, who’s recommended some of the best books I’ve read, just suggested The War of Art.  An obvious play on the Art of War, it’s a book that looks to inspire artists to break through creative blocks, overcome fear and live out their inner calling.  I’ve only read the first chapter so


Books on Writing

Sunday, 04, September , 2011 by

Writers read a lot of books about writing. Over time the collective wisdom of these writing books builds up and helps add to unconscious competence.  A book by itself won’t make you a better writer.  It’s as simple as that.  Only working diligently at the craft makes you a better writer.  You read to learn,