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In the Cracks of the Machine

Saturday, 16, May , 2015 by

I wrote this story about the rise of robotics a decade ago.  I cleaned it up last year and published it in my first short story collection The Shattered Man.  I got the idea for the piece, one of my most popular, because I felt SF authors got robots all wrong, at least the early


The Jasmine Wars

Saturday, 15, June , 2013 by

Well, I am finally through my first book and it’s out there for sale.  I cleaned up all my short stories and they are off to the editor.  That means I’m finally free to get back to my next novel, one that I’ve really looked forward to writing.  Saying that I am writing it is


Novel Excerpt: The Scorpion Game

Tuesday, 30, August , 2011 by

This is an excerpt from my first novel, THE SCORPION GAME.  Read the first chapter below!  You can also download the PDF version here. In 2458, on a continent sized starship with its own atmosphere and an entire civilization churning inside, the poor live in rotting organic cities and the rich live in massive orbital


Timeline – Age of Transcendence

Sunday, 21, August , 2011 by

For years, I’ve kept a timeline of future events that help guide and influence all the stories in my Age of Transcendence universe.  I’ve always informally called it the Future History of the World.  I’ve altered it at times, to fit my needs or to reflect current events, though it has remained remarkable consistent and


All right, I’ll admit it, I’ve got a thing for Asian girls and tattoos, so it’s only natural that tatted up Asian girls end up in my work.  In my newest novel, the heroine changes bodies often.  Such is the way of post-humanity in my vision.  I picture our lives as fluid and changeable as


Story Fragment

Tuesday, 05, October , 2010 by

This is a short story fragment that I’ve always liked but never been able to finish.  I just couldn’t find the right story to fit around it.  I may have just found a use for it in my latest book.  But then again, I’ve thought that before.  Either way, I’ve always loved it and hoped