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How I Predicted the Breaking Bad Ending

Tuesday, 01, October , 2013 by

Sometimes being a writer can ruin stories for you because you can see endings coming a mile away. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget this is not the case for my friends and I totally killed the Breaking Bad ending for a few folks by predicting every beat. Some people think it’s a magical power or that


The Secrets of Storm of Swords

Sunday, 15, September , 2013 by

Storm of Swords is widely considered George R.R. Martin’s greatest work in the Song of Ice and Fire saga. After just finishing this massive door stopper fantasy I can easily see why. It’s packed with outstanding action, a sweeping scope, stunningly realized surprises and characters that haunted my dreams after staying up late for yet


Many spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. When I first saw the Game of Thrones’ Season One finale I was shocked. They’d just killed off a major character. To me it seemed like they just killed off THE major character. They killed off someone who was on the posters, someone at the center of all of


America’s Got Talent always brings together some fantastic and unexpectedly wonderful acts, along with some total horrors.  This year there are at least two acts that deserve to win right now.  The first combines dance, computers and laser light shows into incredibly unique performances.  The second is eleven year old singing sensation Anna Graceman, who


Death Note Review

Tuesday, 30, August , 2011 by

If you’ve never heard of Death Note, you don’t watch much Anime.  If you’re a writer, you missed out on some of the most taught and vibrant story telling in the last decade.  In a short time, Anime has come from giant robots and ultra-violence to a place where it must be considered as art


Wolverine and the X-Men

Monday, 22, August , 2011 by

Wolverine and the X-Men may be the best American animation ever done.  Then again, I’ve got a soft spot for this storyline.  My first issue of the X-Men, picked up in a magazine shop when I was a kid, just happened to start with the Marauders and the Mutant Massacre.  I remember Marauders, the rise