September 2015
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Like a tsunami silently gathering far out at sea, a revolution is coming to the movie business that will make the seismic changes experienced by the book and music industries in recent years look tiny by comparison. One technology will make this possible, one you might not expect: 3D game engines. In the last few


Bitcoin Magazine just posted my article Why Charles Stross Doesn’t Know a Thing about Bitcoin. It’s a response to one of my favorite SF authors, Charles Stross, who recently wrote a piece called Why I Want Bitcoin to Die in a Fire.  It got picked up by Reddit and Slashdot, as well as quoted by


The Jasmine Wars

Saturday, 15, June , 2013 by

Well, I am finally through my first book and it’s out there for sale.  I cleaned up all my short stories and they are off to the editor.  That means I’m finally free to get back to my next novel, one that I’ve really looked forward to writing.  Saying that I am writing it is


If you get your sci-fi book fix from then you probably know author Hugh Howey.  It’s hard to miss someone whose books routinely camp out on the top 100 bestselling sci-fi/fantasy books on Amazon.  At one point Howey’s books even took up six of the top ten slots on the list, alongside classics like


The Moment of Decision

Sunday, 26, May , 2013 by

What you do at the moment of decision is the only thing that matters in life.  I’ll talk about what that means to creative decisions.  I’m good at those.  I’m not always so good at seizing the moment in other parts of my life. Making the right creative decisions in the moment is what separates


Amazing Concept Art and an Exodyssey

Thursday, 20, October , 2011 by

I’ve started looking around for concept artists to help sketch out my universe.  It’s incredible the quality of work that’s out there.  Over the past few weeks I’ve scoured the Internet high and low looking for brilliant visual designers.  Every day I continue to find more who’s work I love.  I’ll be reaching out to


Eclipse Phase

Monday, 26, September , 2011 by

A friend in my writing group, Graeme Ing, turned me on to this role playing game, Eclipse Phase, saying it reminded him of my work.  I don’t play paper roll playing games, but I love the art work and world building aspects of the Universe.  I can see why the game mirrors some of my


Rise of the Terminators

Thursday, 22, September , 2011 by

The Washington Post just published an expose on the U.S. Military’s experiments with autonomous killing machines.  While frightening, I’m convinced the move to autonomous war is inevitable and impossible to stop.  Rarely have humans been able to hold back science, especially military technology, though the Japanese did manage to keep the gun out of Japan


My girlfriend is fantastic at delivering messages I don’t want to hear, in a way I never want to hear them.  The worst part is, she’s usually right. The other day I bought a 30 inch monitor and some high end video cards to power it.  It was an ostentatious purchase, no question.  Today I


Women Warriors and Mythology

Sunday, 11, September , 2011 by

I’ve always loved fierce woman and that’s reflected in my characters.  In my latest work I set out to create powerful woman warriors, so I naturally turned to the rich mythologies of India and Greece to provide my templates.  My main character, Jovanna, is crafted after the Indian Goddess Devi and one of her most


This is a first in a series of articles that shows how technology I’ve imagined in my writing will change the world, speed our evolution and prove essential to our survival.  First off, with some exceptions, I haven’t invented all of the tech in my work.  Sci-Fi, as a genre, draws on many sources.  Often


Novel Excerpt: The Scorpion Game

Tuesday, 30, August , 2011 by

This is an excerpt from my first novel, THE SCORPION GAME.  Read the first chapter below!  You can also download the PDF version here. In 2458, on a continent sized starship with its own atmosphere and an entire civilization churning inside, the poor live in rotting organic cities and the rich live in massive orbital