If you don’t know about Ted Talks you’re missing out.  Whenever you want to give yourself a moment of satori or inspiration just jump on over to the Ted Talks website and randomly pick a video or two.  They only last 12 or 13 minutes.  Most of the time you’ll wish they were longer.

I found this video tonight that illustrates the secret life of cells.  David Bolinsky is a medical animator.  The video starts off a bit slowly, with David repeating himself and stammering on a little, but when it gets to the last three minutes and you peer into the inner workings of a cell, it’s utterly amazing.

You can watch some other clips of his work at the Harvard BioVisions site that he mentions in the talk.  To think that less than a thousand years ago we couldn’t even conceive of anything we couldn’t see.  The idea that there were these little things that could get into the body and do damage didn’t exist.  Diseases were the work of demons or punishments from God.  And now we are animating the movements of micromachines and illuminating the dance of life and the work of the Gods in ways that would shock the medieval mind.