I was doing some research on propaganda and came across a few sites that focus on Chinese Propaganda posters.  At once sinister and seductive, these posters remind me of the best pop art posters that pepper New York City walls to hawk concerts, albums and movies.  They have a surreal Norman Rockwell feel to them.  I’m almost hesitant to say that because Norman was a strong social activist, not a tool of government thought police, but it’s easy to see the stylistic connections, especially with his earlier Saturday Evening Post paintings.

CreStock has a fantastic series on the stories behind the posters, along with an excellent gallery.

Maoposters sports a mega gallery and offers prints.  Most of the images here are from their gallery.  Feel free to buy some for yourself at their site.

Stefan Landsberger, a Chinese History Professor at Leiden University in The Netherlands, owns a massive collection of  Chinese propaganda posters and posts them on his website.

A gallery of the ones I liked best are below.  Notice how they’re all filled with smiling people and idyllic, pastoral backgrounds.  The light often surrounds the people like halos.  Everyone is happy and content, even when working.  It’s easy to see what the artist wants you to focus on.  In many ways these are brilliant.  I’m just not sure anyone actually falls for these except true believers.  Then again it’s often easy to lead the masses by the ring in their noses.

Read Chairman Mao's book, obey Chairman Mao's word.

Go forward through great difficulties following Chairman Mao.



















Never stop trying to improve service.



Win Honor for Our Great Leader
































The sun shines brightly over the pasture.