A friend in my writing group, Graeme Ing, turned me on to this role playing game, Eclipse Phase, saying it reminded him of my work.  I don’t play paper roll playing games, but I love the art work and world building aspects of the Universe.  I can see why the game mirrors some of my ideas.  The game is heavily influenced by some of my favorite writers of far future fiction, according to their resources page: Iain M. Banks (the Culture novels), Bruce Sterling ( his earlier work like Schismatrix) , Peter F. Hamilton ( Pandora’s Star and Judus Unchained ) and Charles Stross (Accelerando, Glass House ).  It covers some of my favorite subjects, posthumanism/transhumanism, radical body modification, nanotech and the like.  I just ordered the core rulebook.  Check out some of the art work from the game at the official site and blog.

The Phase universe doesn’t have quite the all-organic feel of my work.  I decided long ago to focus heavily on almost universal organic technology in my world.  There are groups that favor prosthetics and less advanced alien races and pure machine races that use plastics and metals, but the underlying theme of my work is biotech to the extreme.  Even so, many of these artists have captured technology inspired by nature.  I’ve been looking for some artists to draw up some of my ideas.  I may have to reach out to some of these guys and see what they can do for me.