I’ve linked up with awesome concept artist, Chen Liang, who’s done a bunch of work for Epic Games, makers of “Gears of War” and we’re putting together an illustrated edition of my gritty SF crime saga the Scorpion Game.

The first images are coming along beautifully.  They are still WIPs (works in progress) but I love to let fans in on the inner workings of how art gets made.  Check out these early pieces below.

New Diamond City - Organic City - SF - Sci-FI - Noir

New Diamond City – an organic city inside a massive starship

Seductive femme fatal Sakura from the Scorpion Game

The dangerous and seductive femme fatal, Sakura, with her holographic tattoos

The book is a mashup of the noir detective genre and sci-fi (or SF for you purists) so Chen had the idea to do some old photo style prints of his city sculptures. They came out awesome.  See them below.

ScorpionGame Noir Organic City - biopunk

City at night


Organic building designs

New Diamond City - Scorpion Game

City designs

Check out some of Chen’s other work at his personal blog. I picked a few of my favorite pieces of his below but he has a ton more worth seeing.

Cyberpunk babe

Cyberpunk babe. I love this one. This is the one that made me want to work with Chen.

Military drone

Military drone.

Post Apocalyptic Village

Post Apocalyptic Wasteland.


Chen’s weapons design


Chen – Space port


Chen – cyberpunk city